Easy Ribbon Belt


  • Ribbons of choice (1 1/2in is a good size for the base) Don’t get wired ribbon!
  • Sharp scissors or a i-Magicut ribbon cutter (Also can be found at Michael’s Craft Store)
  • Sewing kit, fabric glue or double sided adhesive tape
  • Pack of 1 1/2 in D-rings
  • Embellishments of choice if desired

This is a project I originally did as a demo at work. The Michael’s website has instructions also.

Measure ribbon around waist where you want it to it.

*I did a high waist one for my dresses and one that sits at the hips. The i-Magicut is preferable to use, it cuts the ribbon while sealing the ends with its heated element. I don’t have one but I do have a thread burner that I’m going to use to touch up the ends of the ribbon.

On one end slip 2 D-rings on, fold the ribbon down about 1 1/2 inchs so that the rings have a little movement. Sew or tape down the end.

*Double sided adhesive tape works just fine. Measure a piece to fit the width of the ribbon and rub sticky side down on the very end of the ribbon. I did two rows of tape. Then remove the plastic covering to reveal the other sticky side and fold the ribbon over and rub to ensure contact.

On the other end, fold the ribbon over about half an inch and sew or tape down to get a finished look.

* I stopped here for one of the belts, just wanted a simple one.

Now you can either embellish or add another layer of ribbon you like. I just used the adhesive tape along the length of both edges to get the other two ribbons to stay.


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