Stamped Bandana

I made this for our dog so she can have the Halloween spirit too this year.


  • Light colored bandana
  • Fabric paint in colors of choice
  • Rubber or foam stamps
  • Paint brushes, foam ones would probably work best
  • Cardboard
  • T-pin
  • Wax paper or a pallet

Pin the fabric to the card board. Double up a piece of wax paper and glop each color on paper. I found it was best to do the boarder of the bandana first then work my way in, but what ever floats your boat 🙂 .

Paint a layer on to stamp and carefully position stamp and evenly press, make sure to pull directly up. Clean stamp between colors or if the design is getting clumped. Move on to next stamp and so on.

Another way that would work with the foam stamps is if has paper plates with individual colors and use it to dip the stamp in like an ink pad.

Some really helpful tip to fabric painting and stamping at and


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