Focus On Life: 52 weeks of photogarphy reflecting

I am really excited I came across this self challenge  For the next 52 weeks I am going to take one photo a week based on a prompt given by the awesome Sally. I am getting a late start just found out and joined, and it’s not to late for you too. This will be a good way to reflect on life, just what I need now. How perfect I found this at this time in my life? Soon I will be starting travels around the states for a bit. First stop Portland, OR then New York, NY! This will be the  experience  my life! The nerves are starting to settle about going to such a different place from my norm, getting more excited everyday that gets closer.  Cant wait to do my first prompt. I am going to start with week 8 where everyone is at in the group and I want to catch up in between on the last 7 I missed. If you’re interested in joining you don’t have to make up previous weeks, just start! It will be interesting to see what others post.  I’ll be getting my first one up by Sunday. Week 8 prompt is monochromatic.


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