My 1st week of Focusing On Life: Monochromatic

This is most people’s 8th week of the Focusing On Life challenge. This weeks prompt was monochromatic. When I stepped outside this evening with my second mom we saw an eagle soaring in the wind.FotoFlexer_Photo1

Caught the picture as he was far in the distance. That was one of the longest sighting I have had of one! This picture has a dull orange tint put on it. Afterwards snapped a picture of the sunset and tree tops in the backyard. I tinted this picture with a pink/orange.


I took pictures from my home’s backyard because I wanted to have a special memories of my last days this being my home. It probably will be my home at heart for a while but I am off to NY in just a week. I hope I enjoy it there, plan is to move there to have some life changing experiences. πŸ™‚ Where I live now is a beautiful place, WA state of the evergreens. I have mostly grown up in Washington and it’s a bit strange to leave it, I look at it as WA will always be my home. You have my heart Washington, but it’s time for a change! Looking forward to my future adventures.


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