Bead Soup Blog Party #7

Bead Soup Blog part is hosted by Lori Anderson. This group has grown from somewhere in the 40’s to 500! The purposes of this challenge is to get out of your creative comfort zone in jewelry making and try something new. The 500 participants have each been paired with a partner to exchange what Lori has deemed bead soup and has trademarked it. This is the 7th BSBP Lori has thrown, she has also written a book on Bead Soup. Bead soup contains a focal, clasp and coordinating beads. The clasp and focal are the only thing that must be Incorporated into the jewelry piece.

Let me introduce my partner. Sue Hamel is a crafter of all kinds. Right now her focus is card making. She even has a company she makes cards for to get her art work out there!  Check out her awesome stuff on her blog.

Sue and I are in the 3rd reveal, April 13th 2013. 🙂 So excited for her to receive her soup and me to get mine. I had her ship mine to NY so it will be waiting for me when I get there! I only sent hers yesterday, so it will be a little bit before she gets her’s. It’s traveling from WA to FL. Be posting again about the Bead Soup Blog Party when she gets hers, stay tuned!


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