Tummy Nummy Noms: Texan Flip Scramble

Fried potato omelet for two

Fried potato omelet for two

Tummy Nummy Noms is the adventure of two young lovers exploring home-cooked food. Come join us for some laughs and awesome food made by Zack and myself! We will be posting a vlog on YouTube along with a blog post here about once a week. We hope to entertain and inspire you in the kitchen.

Warning: Some vulgar language to keep it interesting 🙂

Click to view the video on YouTube and please subscribe to our channel while your there.

Now for the written break down:

  • Preparation depends obviously on how many are being served, use your discretion. As Zack would say, “Use your brain.”
  • Cut ingredients for sautéing or frying. Get creative, use whatever you can. Cooking for 2-3 people, cut about four medium-sized red potatoes. We like our potatoes sliced very thin so they get nice and crunchy.
  • While frying taters, separately cook bacon for crumbling on top of the delicious mound.
  • Make egg mixture to liking. Here we used 6 eggs.
  • Once the stuff for the inside is cooked, mound it all in the middle of the pan and pour the egg mixture around the pile of yummynis. Follow Zack’s tips for cooking the eggs and flipping them so that they fold over the center ingredients.
  • Finally seal with shredded cheese, cover with lid and let eggs set while cheese is melting.

Voila! Delicious and fast breakfast. If you skip the bacon, this is a one pan recipe, all you need is your skillet.

Final step, enjoy the tasty flip!

Final step, enjoy the tasty flip!

Try this with sautéed veggies, makes for a filling and nutritious breakfast.

Keep an eye open for our next Tummy Nummy Nom adventure, next is how we do fried taters!

Leave a comment with yummy combos you try, we would love to see what everyone’s making out of this Texan Flip Scramble.


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