Week 1: Another Shot at 52 weeks of Focusing On Life

Last year I started participating in the Focus On Life 2013 by Sally Russick

Sadly I fell off the wagon rather quickly. A lot was going on the first few months of 2013. I traveled across the states and came back to my love. In the end of the summer I got a new job and am just now adjusted to the schedule, at least mostly. Waking up at 3:30am is hard! The holidays were great this year. Filled with family and love, really makes me appreciate the people i have in my life and how well my love and I’s families get along.

This year I am going to embrace positive change, work on bad habits and self-exploration. Sally has granted me permission to use the prompts from the 2013 photo challenge. I already am one week late so here it goes.

2014 is upon us and I feel it brings great things!
Week 1: Selfie


Loving myself just as I am on the outside has been a long road. The last 4 years I have gained confidence to show and be proud of my natural beauty. At times in pictures I have a hard time liking any when I have no makeup even though I hardly ever wear it any more. In this selfie I feel beautiful and comfortable. Being natural is nice but I do feel I let go a bit. In 2014 I will be making changes to wear makeup for myself. Feeling good about natural beauty is amazing but then feeling great about looking great is awesome too!

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